Protección antiadherente de silicona para planchar, antideslizante para el descanso del hogar, accesorios de seguridad colgantes, cojín para plancha, almohadilla resistente al calor, herramientas para el hogar Q40


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Product Features
  • Accessories: Clothes Rack
  • Style: Portable
  • Board Material: Silicone
  • Stand Material: Silicone
  • Model Number: 2020702
  • Use: Neatening/Storage
Product Description

QQ图片20190624194132 Product description:

This ironing pad is a specially designed silicon rubber support on the bottom pad, which can protect the surface from the erosion of the hot iron and prevent the iron from scratching.
It is safe to use on the ironing board, table or counter. Equipped with raised dots to help cool faster.

In addition, the mat can withstand heat resistance up to 445F, and its non-slip design prevents the iron from accidentally falling or slipping in standby.

This is a soft silicone pad that is very easy to clean and fold for easy storage.

The shape of this ironing pad has been specially designed to fit most irons.
Protect the surface-protect the surface from hot iron!
Prevent burn points on the ironing board/mat and even the carpet. The silicone mat also helps prevent scratching the iron.
Heat resistance-handles heat resistance up to 445F.
Silicone can maintain its characteristics and structure in a wide temperature range, which is enough for most irons.
Elevated silicone spikes can also help the iron cool down faster.
Non-slip-the iron will not accidentally fall or slip in standby.
Easy to clean-easy to clean and store. You can roll, fold or even hang for easy and easy storage.
It is easy to clean with warm water and soap. It is also dishwasher safe.
Compact size-The rest pad is 11 x 5.4 inches and weighs only about 0.2 pounds.
It is small enough for business trips or family vacations.
Package includes: 1 x ironing pad QQ图片20190624194132_副本 1 - WYE200630014_0301081581185442268 6 - WYE200630014_0301082391111704118 9 - WYE200630014_0301073171124886799 10 - WYE200630014_0301073601194449025 15 - WYE200630014_0301075271117747579 11 - WYE200630014_0301082781114851673 12 - WYE200630014_0301083591189010748 14 - WYE200630014_0301074591149803595 13 - WYE200630014_0301076081112886876 4 - WYE200630014_0301078181115687107